The Weekly Spark, Week II

My buddy Zach Farrin called me from London the other day and we had another great chat about our future and what we want to do moving forward, so I’ll use that as an excuse to plug his own new website. He’s found at The Outlet where he writes about similar things to what you’ll find here at Livin’ Deliberately. He’s studying abroad in London this semester, so there’s sure to be a ton of entertaining stuff coming up.

Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy for 2 months straight. And that’s really awesome.

I watched an interesting video by the people at Vox the other day detailing the revolutionary way Kanye West uses the human voice as a musical instrument. You may not love Kanye the person, but Kanye the musician is a true millennial talent. Watch it here.

I recently read “The Devil in The White City” by Erik Larson. I highly recommend it to any history buffs or people that love reading about the depravity of serial killers. Bonus, Leonardo DiCaprio bought the rights to make the movie which should be amazing.

The Weekly Spark, Week I


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