The Weekly Spark, Week VII

This week’s Spark compiled by Colleen Geaumont

In the world of books, and not just ones you are required to read for courses, both myself and Tyler have picked up a few new and exciting titles. Chances are if you hop on this site you’re a fan of the outdoors, challenging yourself, or feel obligated to because you’re related. Either way, here some titles on the bookshelf this week you might enjoy:
  • Sixty Meters to Anywhere by Brendan Leonard, this is all about adventure and how pursuing the outdoors can turn your life around. The author also has a great podcast called Dirtbag Diaries
  • Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, if you’re a fan of satire and dystopian realities that are almost too believable due to their similarity to today then you’ll eat this one up.
  • Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold and David Roberts, even if you aren’t a climber you’ve probably heard of Alex Honnold. This novel is Honnold’s accounts of his craziest free solo climbs (that’s rock climbing ridiculously high without any safety devices like ropes) and why he does what he does.
Planet Earth 2 came out, so if you’re a big fan of amazing nature shots and fascinating creatures this is a must see. Similar to the first Planet Earth, it’s sure to give you some crazy goose bumps.
If you are one of the 27.1 Million people in the United States that have a Netflix account, or you still use your ex-girlfriends mom’s account, and are looking for something new to watch, watch Black Mirror. Each episode is a stand-alone modern day Twilight Zone masterpiece that will easily blow your mind.
Lastly, Unless you live under a rock, you now know election day has passed and that a new president was elected. Whether you agree or disagree with who is now in office or which questions were passed, hopefully you went out and exercised your right to vote. If you didn’t… then well you really have no excuse to complain about the outcome! But no matter what, we are still lucky to live in a place we even have a voice and can say whatever the hell we want on sites like this and you can share what you had for lunch with millions of people who probably don’t give a flying fart.

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