About Me


My name is Tyler Neville. I’m a passionate outdoorsman, be it climbing, camping, mountaineering, surfing, whatever.

Here’s what I think…

I believe that the more advanced we become as a society, the easier and more acceptable it is to do nothing. I think that we have become far too comfortable being comfortable, not striking out and challenging ourselves and seeing the world around us. And I don’t really want any part of that.

I wish to live deliberately, like the man Henry David Thoreau said.

To put it simply, the goal here is to inspire a generation that is far too comfortable being comfortable to strike out and pursue a life of adventure. It’s not to brag about all my rad adventures, but to inform people that you don’t have to summit an isolated peak in Alaska to feel reconnected or to challenge yourself. Adventures of all degrees and all varieties exist in every place. Because it’s good for your soul to spend a day being way too cold on a mountaintop or spending a summer night sleeping on the ground miles and miles away from cell phone service relying only on your own wits and what fits into a backpack. It’s good to spend a whole day waiting for that one perfect wave or to always be suffering from “itchy feet” ready to get out the door/classroom/cubicle towards your next life-changing moment. It’s good to trust your life to a rope and a harness a hundred feet off the deck on some cliff. It’s good to be stripped down to your bare essence and revitalized by it.

Hopefully, I inspire some of you to go outside and to help you find ways to live a more fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy the stories and writings here and come back for more!


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