Walmart Parking Lots, Vehicle Searches, and 1600 Miles on the Road

A long and epic road trip through the Northeast United States and Canada.


Our First Month On The Island

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, here’s a brief summary of Colleen and I’s short time on the island so far.

Four Days on the Appalachian Trail: Gulf Hagas to Abol Bridge

I’ve come up with some pretty crazy ideas in my head for different adventures. Most never come to fruition, some end up drastically altered for safety, money, or time constraints, and some take a lot of time to come true so we’ll see how they turn out. My latest might’ve been one of the most…

Acadia National Park

Do you know how many National Parks there are within 500 miles of Maine? One. The answer is one. We went there last weekend, so you don’t have to.